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The success of any business or franchise depends on its ability to control and manage its established brand and messaging. But providing the tools and materials each location or franchisee needs in a timely, easy-to-access, and controlled manner can pose a challenge.

Why choose the Design and Deliver Marketing Toolkit?

Firstly, we’re not a printer! Why’s that important? Well most Web-to-Print solutions are provided by printers who are simply interested in securing your print.

But as you’ll know, the best marketing plans are those that leverage multiple channels. Design and Deliver’s marketing toolkit is uniquely designed to leverage multiple channel marketing and become your marketing hub by connecting your marketing from print to social.

While print remains important, the Design and Deliver Marketing Toolkit provides simple yet powerful tools that ensure your digital brand presence through social media and e-marketing are presented and controlled at all levels.

Born out of experience...

We’ve been Franchisors ourselves; we understand the independence and entrepreneurial characteristics of the Franchisee, coupled with the importance of brand alignment for the Franchisor. We know there are many differences between a franchise network and a typical corporation — in particular, who pays for what?

Design and Deliver allows the Marketing Manager to control their brand , work with their business structure. Local purchasing or national campaigns, Design and Deliver can be adapted to fit.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Marketing Tool Kit, how it could empower your company, and would like to talk to our dedicated team please complete the contact us form or call us today.